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About Company

We offer almost everything that is published in Russian in the past 15 years, as well as a huge number of books in English, German, Spanish and other languages. We are constantly improving our search system, reference services and back office that handles orders. It is thanks to a complex system of supplier selection and order processing, we can offer the lowest prices on a large number of books.

We try to make our compatriots living outside Russia, did not feel a significant difference in terms of service to the people of Russia. And the residents of small towns have access to everything that is easily accessible Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now almost every street of any city in Russia lives of our readers. And in Israel, Germany, USA, Canada and the Baltics are thousands of them. We even supply books in Russian shops in Norway and Japan. In general, our customers live in 52 countries.

In short, if you need a book in Russian, it is to us. And if in English - also ...